We provide services in the areas of Human Resource Consulting, Labour Law Compliances & Payroll Management. The company has a young & vibrant team of professionals who are qualified MBA’s in Human Resource & Law. They bring in key competencies of strong Corporate Governance & Benchmark HR practices to this specialized corporate venture. We believe that our strong values, ethics & domain-expertise would always see us in good stead & so will our clients with whom we associate.

We aim to provide end-to-end solutions & services in a Professional & Trust Worthy manner. We constantly feel the need to bridge the gaps between the expectation of Corporates & the quality of Consulting in the area of Labour Laws & Human Resource & is crucial to our existence.

Our Symbol

The “Sun” is symbolic of our endeavour to spread light in the intricate, uncertain albeit fascinating world of Labour, Industrial Laws and HR Management.


Advantage Sunshine

  • Sound HR policies, practices, system & processes
  • Stronger Corporate Governance
  • Satisfied Government bodies & other stakeholders
  • Returns on Investment
  • Enable Stronger Focus on Core Areas of Business in the long run
  • “Peace of Mind” from all HR challenges, statutory obligations, non-compliances & complexities of payroll management.

How Outsourcing Helps !!

From HR Process Owner / Function Perspective

• Reduces balancing act while handling conflicting priorities

• Facilitates transition from transactional routine to transformational output

• Handholds Process Owners to enable quick decision-making

• Enables focus on Business priorities

From Business / Organisational Perspective

• Overcomes Administrative & Budgetary constraints for specialist manpower deployment at market value

• Partners well with flat & lean organisations for whom time & resources are scarce & valuable

• Ensures zero non-compliance which may otherwise effect top functionaries & business adversely

• Establishes strong Corporate Governance

• Reduces reliance on internal resources who are prone to turnover

• Saves the cost of hiring, retaining, training, travelling & valuable man-hours which can be judiciously used elsewhere.

• Ensures continuity of knowledge & data management due to long-term relationships year on year.