The applicability & interpretations of Labour Laws is wide-spread. Labour Law Compliances has taken a big leap in recent time. With the introduction of new Labour Codes on Wages, Social Security, Occupational Health & Safety and Industrial Relations, the whole paradigm has shifted to a transparent system of Compliance Management.

Our team of experts are here to ensure a hassle free compliance management for you.

We offer services bundled in various modules

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In-depth & exhaustive analysis for Principal Employer & Contractors/Vendors covering the major aspects of Labour Law Compliances on more than 325 parameters.

National Employability Enhancement Mission (NEEM) is a popular Apprentice model used by Corporates to provide enhancement of skill & employability to trainee candidates. Authorised NEEM agents, providing candidates, must adhere to all regulations under the enabling provisions of NEEM Scheme. We offer a comprehensive audit model to monitor such NEEM agents & cover all aspects of NEEM Scheme.

Maintain Records, Registers & file Returns as per Compliance Schedule and help Employers in clearing any complexity around compliance management & reduce the possibilities for error in the long run. Also serve as a compliance repository for years altogether.

  • Shops and Establishment (S&E) License Registration
  • Renewal of Shops and Establishment (S&E) License
  • Registration of Factories & Grant of License
  • Approval of Plan for New or extended part of the Factory
  • Certificate of Stability for New & Old Factories
  • Renewal of Factory License
  • Labour Welfare Fund Registration
  • Professional Tax Registration (PTEC and PTRC)
  • Employment Exchanges Registration
  • Registration Certificate (RC) of Principal Employer under Contract Labour (R&A) Act
  • Amendment of RC of Principal Employer under Contract Labour (R&A) Act
  • License for Contractor under Contract Labour (R&A) Act
  • Renewal of License of Contractors under Contract Labour (R&A) Act
  • Building and Other Construction Workers Registration
  • Trade License Registration & Renewal
  • Establish Client / Employees Master Records Creation with the help of the Client.
  • Include Company, Location, Division, Cost Center, Department, Category, Status, Grade and Designations of employees in the Master Records.
  • Offer the Formatted Master Data to the Client for validation.
  • Collect YTD details of all loans and advance, leave, etc., if any.
  • Collect Modification data as applicable and other relevant inputs on monthly basis in an agreed uploadable format to facilitate payroll processing.
  • Process the Payroll Data on monthly basis.
  • Offer the generated payroll data to the client for validation.
  • On confirmation by client Generate pay slips on monthly basis on an agreed format.
  • Process deductions applicable from time to time and generate requisite statements, reports as applicable.
  • Collect increment details of the eligible employees along with all relevant inputs on monthly basis in an agreed up loadable format to facilitate increment arrears processing.
  • Process increment arrears on monthly basis for the eligible employees.
  • Provide additional Management Aid Reports on request from the client. These need to be agreed upon during the time of migration.
  • Modify the Master set up as and when necessary.
  • Submit / forward monthly pay processing bill to client
  • Generation of IT Computation statement.
  • Bank statement generation (post Payroll processing, )
  • Computation of Income Tax based on information available in the payroll system database and generation of the forms (Forms 16, Form 24Q, Form 24).
  • Respond to queries on IT computation, Salary, through phone/ e-mail .
  • Full & Final settlement.
  • Creation of Form 16 .
  • Ready to file E-TDS formats every quarter.
  • Tax Proof verification
  • New Code application under Statutory & Voluntary coverage
  • Calculation of PF liability & preparation of Monthly PF Statement
  • Preparation of online PF Challan for A/C.No – 1, 10, 2, 21 & 22
  • Process & Submit Form.No-2 from new entrants joined during the month
  • Processing of Form 13, 19 & 10-C and submission to PF Department
  • Processing of Form 19 & 10D for retirees
  • Processing Form 10-D, 20 and Form 5(IF) in respect of Death claims
  • Preparation & Submission of Form-9
  • Processing of Form 31 for PF advance in certain cases
  • Correspondence with PF Authorities whenever required
  • Attend periodical Inspections by PF Officers & Comply accordingly
  • Preparation Annual Form No 3A, Form 5/10
  • Provide Annual PF Slips Form 23 from E-sewa portal
  • Maintenance of E-sewa portal
  • UAN KYC updation
  • Member portal support
  • New code & sub code application
  • Calculation of ESI liability & Preparation of ESI Monthly Statement
  • Preparation of online ESI Challan
  • Maintenance of Form-6 register
  • New IP creation
  • Collecting ESI Permanent cards from ESI Branch office
  • Submission of Accident reports in Form-12 to ESI Dispensaries / ESI Branch Office
  • Maintenance of Accident Registers-Form 11
  • Processing of claims forms for Sickness, Maternity, Dependent Benefit, Disablement & Funeral Expenses.
  • Correspondence with ESI Authorities whenever required
  • Attend Inspections by ESI Authorities & comply accordingly
  • Preparation & Submission of ESI Half yearly Return-Form 5
  • Submission of Annual return in Form. No. 01A
  • ESIC portal management
  • Human Resource Policies & Practices
  • Human Resources Process Mapping
  • Human Resource Database Management
  • Human Resource Systems & Process
  • Human Resource Interventions
  • Change Management & Culture Building
  • Establish Effective Communication Channels
  • Employee Life Cycle Management
  • Learning & Development Initiative
  • Employee Engagement Initiative
  • General Management Challenges

Notice Board Compliance Management relates to exhibition of necessary abstracts & notices under various laws. We provide assistance in setting-up the process & system in the following manner:

  • Make available (one-time) all such abstract & notices for exhibition
  • Audit the Notice Board Compliance on frequent basis for any change in details thereby providing added support