Services and Solutions

The applicability & interpretations of Labour Laws is wide-spread.

Our team of experts make it simple for your organisation to manage statutory obligations under Indian Labour Laws.

We offer services bundled in various modules:

  • ESIC Administration
  • PF Administration
  • Comprehensive Audit & Gap Assessment for Employers & Contractors
  • Notice Board Compliance Management
  • Management of various Registers, Records & Returns under Labour Laws
  • Basic Hygiene Audits for Principal Employers and Contractors
  • Registration Services for various Certificates & Licenses under Labour Laws
  • Exemptions under various Labour Laws
  • Government Liaisoning on case-to-case basis OR regular basis
  • Draft & Submit Responses to Government Notices & Observations
  • Legal Advice on interpretation & applicability of Labour Laws in India
  • Payroll Administration
  • Human Resource Consulting
We provide in-depth & exhaustive analysis of the current health and state of your Labour Law Compliances. We analyse this through more than 325 parameters available with us & eradicate the gaps for achieving 100% compliance. This service is available to both principal employer & contractors.
All Factories & Establishment need to maintain some basic standards of Labour Law Compliance in order to avoid unwanted queries & observations from Government Authorities. Such compliances come under the purview of Basic Hygiene Compliance Audits.
We advise employers & contractors about the possible gaps & how to overcome them on priority basis so as to keep a clean facade.
Labour Laws in India requires you to maintain Records, Register & file Returns on a frequent basis. The complexity of maintaining such records in physical/digital formats further creates a challenge to the employers & their contractors. The possibilities for error in the long run increases with every passing day.
We have the necessary expertise to overcome such challenges and understand the complexities involved.
We can become your repository of compliance records for years altogether.
• Human Resource Policies & Practices
• Human Resources Process Mapping
• Human Resource Database Management
• Human Resource Systems & Process
• Human Resource Interventions
• Change Management & Culture Building
• Establish Effective Communication Channels
• Employee Life Cycle Management
• Learning & Development Initiative
• Employee Engagement Initiative
• General Management Challenges
• Shops and Establishment (S&E) License Registration
• Renewal of S&E License
• Registration of Factories & Grant of License
• Approval of Plan for New or extended part of the Factory
• Certificate of Stability for New & Old Factories
• Renewals of License of a Factory
• Labour Welfare Fund Registration
• Employment Exchanges Registration
• Registration Certificate (RC) of Principal Employer under Contract Labour (R&A) Act
• Amendment of RC of Principal Employer under Contract Labour (R&A) Act
• License for Contractor under Contract Labour (R&A) Act
• Renewal of License of Contractors under Contract Labour (R&A) Act
• Trade License Registration & Renewal
A Compliance Notice Board plays the role of a “Receptionist” for any visiting Government Authority. If the statutory obligations for Notice Board Compliance are followed, it can help in avoiding unwanted investigations of records, register, returns & other documents. Its adherence further adds to the credential of the company & leads to fewer queries from the visiting authorities.
Notice Board Compliance Management relates to exhibition of necessary abstracts & notices under various laws.
We provide assistance in setting-up the process & system in the following manner:
  • Make available (one-time) all such abstract & notices for exhibition
  • Audit the Notice Board Compliance on frequent basis for any change in details thereby providing added support
• Establish Client / Employees Master Records Creation with the help of the Client.
• Include Company, Location, Division, Cost Center, Department, Category, Status, Grade and Designations of employees in the Master Records.
• Offer the Formatted Master Data to the Client for validation.
• Collect YTD details of all loans and advance, leave, etc., if any.
• Collect Modification data as applicable and other relevant inputs on monthly basis in an agreed uploadable format to facilitate payroll processing.
• Process the Payroll Data on monthly basis.
• Offer the generated payroll data to the client for validation.
• On confirmation by client Generate pay slips on monthly basis on an agreed format.
• Process deductions applicable from time to time and generate requisite statements, reports as applicable.
• Collect increment details of the eligible employees along with all relevant inputs on monthly basis in an agreed up loadable format to facilitate increment arrears processing.
• Process increment arrears on monthly basis for the eligible employees.
• Provide additional Management Aid Reports on request from the client. These need to be agreed upon during the time of migration.
• Modify the Master set up as and when necessary.
• Submit / forward monthly pay processing bill to client
• Generation of IT Computation statement.
• Bank statement generation (post Payroll processing, )
• Computation of Income Tax based on information available in the payroll system database and generation of the forms (Forms 16, Form 24Q, Form 24).
• Respond to queries on IT computation, Salary, through phone/ e-mail .
• Full & Final settlement.
• Creation of Form 16 .
• Ready to file E-TDS formats every quarter.
• Tax Proof verification
• New Code application under Statutory & Voluntary coverage
• Calculation of PF liability & preparation of Monthly PF Statement
• Preparation of online PF Challan for A/C.No – 1, 10, 2, 21 & 22
• Process & Submit Form.No-2 from new entrants joined during the month
• Processing of Form 13, 19 & 10-C and submission to PF Department
• Processing of Form 19 & 10D for retirees
• Processing Form 10-D, 20 and Form 5(IF) in respect of Death claims
• Preparation & Submission of Form-9
• Processing of Form 31 for PF advance in certain cases
• Correspondence with PF Authorities whenever required
• Attend periodical Inspections by PF Officers & Comply accordingly
• Preparation Annual Form No 3A, Form 5/10
• Provide Annual PF Slips Form 23 from E-sewa portal
• Maintenance of OTCP portal
• UAN KYC updation
  • New code & sub code application
  • Calculation of ESI liability & Preparation of ESI Monthly Statement
  • Preparation of online ESI Challan
  • Maintenance of Form-6 register
  • New IP creation
  • Collecting ESI Permanent cards from ESI Branch office
  • Submission of Accident reports in Form-12 to ESI Dispensaries / ESI Branch Office
  • Maintenance of Accident Registers-Form 11
  • Processing of claims forms for Sickness, Maternity, Dependent Benefit, Disablement & Funeral Expenses.
  • Correspondence with ESI Authorities whenever required
  • Attend Inspections by ESI Authorities & comply accordingly
  • Preparation & Submission of ESI Half yearly Return-Form 5
  • Submission of Annual return in Form. No. 01A
  • ESIC portal management
* Many of the above activities are transacted through the ESIC online portal ( & the same can be taken care by us if the ESIC User Id & Password is shared.

Value Added Services

  • Information sharing through Awareness Mailers
  • Readymade kits for Notice Board Compliance Management
  • Training modules for HR and Line Managers
  • Compliance solutions for alternate channels of employment
  • Solutions for Data Base & Knowledge Management
  • Education & Awareness Series for different stakeholders
  • Employee Relations Interventions
  • Technology Platforms for driving various initiative.